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Our WHOLE Child mission statement

Whole Child

Kid Focus Dentistry Team

At Kid Focus Dentistry when we examine your child’s mouth, we don’t fix our focus on just looking for cavities. We look at the overall oral environment of your child, which plays a crucial role in the comprehensive health of your child. We come from the understanding that the oral environment affects the way a child breathes, speaks, eats, sleeps, develops, and builds self-confidence.  We call this understanding: the “whole” child approach. Our focus is to catch early symptoms of potential problems, caused by the environments and habits that your child may indicate. Thus we can help correct these problems early on and help your child reach their full genetic potential. By having an early intervention approach, the positive results are: long-lasting, more effective, and include lower lifetime cost to patients by preventing more serious future problems.

We incorporate the “whole child” approach to our treatments in a variety of ways, including:

1.Our positive behavior management technique

We believe that dental care cannot occur without a positive relationship between us and your child. Hence we only believe in treating with sedation if we exhausted all other avenues.  Firsthand we want to help your child gain coping skills for dental procedures on their own, even if it takes building trust over time. When your child graduates from our office, our ultimate goal is for them to have a healthy relationship with their dental care.  We also hope that they will continue to see the importance of preventative and early treatment care- so that they could be healthier and have a lifetime of lower dental costs.

2. Diagnosing your child’s carries:

Did you know that the location of where your child’s cavities are in the mouth, can often indicate how they got them? We don’t want to just find the cavities, we want to know how they got them. By knowing how your child got the cavities, we can help you have better success at preventing future ones.

3. Using N20 ( Nitrous Oxide) on most of our primary (baby) teeth:

Did you know that baby teeth do not have the same nerves as adult teeth? For this reason, your child may have cavities without ever letting you know, until they are really bad. This is why when we do baby teeth fillings, we recommend the use of N20. We strongly believe in N20 because when used appropriately, it is the safest option for your child. Numbing medication requires your child’s body to metabolize the substance. N20 does not need to be metabolized by the body since it only works while your child is breathing it in. Also, the effect only lasts about 5 minutes after we take your child off of it.

4. The way we treat crowding and development (Myobrace):

Most parents believe that crowded teeth are a “problem”.  But what if crowded teeth are a symptom of bigger issues instead? Did you know that most often, crowded teeth are a result of your child’s oral functional problems? For instance: mouth breathing, reverse swallowing, and having a tongue thrust are all bad habits that lead to long-term incorrect growth development. Which also ultimately has an adverse effect on your child’s quality of life. At our office, we use the Myobrace system to help correct these oral habits.  The system not only corrects oral habits, but helps drastically improve your child’s sleep, airways, speech, and teeth crowding.

5. The use of laser

We are using laser as a complementary tool to solve important dental problems for our patients. Laser is used in helping treat tongue tie and lip tie; which play a big role in breastfeeding, speech, and teeth alignment. Also, the laser helps with gum re-contouring after braces. It is also a great tool to treat cold sores; the site heals a lot quicker and future outbreaks in that same area are less frequent. Best of all, laser surgeries promote healing twice as fast as traditional methods.

6. SDF

To help treat very young children that unfortunately have a few cavities, it might not be ideal to use general anesthesia as an option.  As a result, we now use Silver Diamide Fluoride to give your child a better and safer option to contain the cavities until your child is ready for anesthesia.

7. Icon therapy

For those unfortunate few children with Fluorosis or enamel defects on the front teeth we use icon therapy. A great new conservative approach to help treat esthetic problems for your child.

Overall, by exploring more than just the traditional ways of treating an oral environment, we take a step back and look at the problems from different perspectives and a comprehensive approach. This allows us to see the long-term consequences that otherwise might be missed when trying to hyper-focus on just one problem/one solution. We try to solve the problem by using dynamic, and innovative tools that help treat your child as a “whole”. We truly believe in this approach and that it will not just solve, but help prevent problems.  As well as steer your child to better, long-term, oral development.

Written By: Dr. Ngo