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I wish I knew how harmful the pacifier is.

Why a pacifier is harmful?

At Kid Focus Dentistry we know how difficult it is to have a little one.  We also know how tempting it is to give a newborn a pacifier, especially during late hours at night.  Pacifiers are soothing for a baby; however, we don’t encourage the use of one because it really interferes with your child’s long term growth and development.  Studies have shown that the use of pacifiers can contribute to development of incorrect habits. These habits include: tongue thrust, reverse swallow, and mouth breathing. These habits in turn can lead to: sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, overcrowding of the teeth, and speech issues.  When parents allow their child to self-soothe instead of the pacifier, the tongue learns to rest and function  in the correct position, which helps the child grow to his/her best potential.


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