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Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment for kids in Wheat Ridge

What is silver diamine fluoride?

It is a topical medicament that has been used extensively to treat dental caries in other countries, and now in the US. The silver acts as antimicrobial, and the fluoride promotes remineralization.

How is silver diamine fluoride used in your pediatric dental office?

Silver diamine fluoride’s main efficacy is to arrest cavities (stop the cavities from growing), as well as provide the benefit of remineralization (hardening the soft areas). Our Wheat Ridge office has a couple main uses for silver diamine fluoride (or SDF for short).

First, for those children who are not quite ready to do work in the chair. SDF gives us more time until the child is emotionally prepared to fix the cavities. Secondly, we provide it for highly anxious children and older children who have incipient decay (early, small cavities). In this case, we use SDF as a remineralization medication to prevent further decay.

Are there drawbacks of using silver diamine fluoride in pediatric dentistry?

  • The main drawback is when the medicament is applied in the area of active caries, the areas will turn black; this can be easily removed when it is time to do the filling.
  • Few patients can experience a metallic or bitter taste, but this should only be a short duration after placement.
  • Lastly, it can cause a “temporary tattoo” on the gum where the SDF is placed. The stain will resolve with natural exfoliation of the skin in 2 to 14 days.

What are the contraindications for silver diamine fluoride?

It is contraindicated for patients who have an allergy to silver. Secondly, for patients with 6 or more cavities or numerous incipient decay.

For more information on silver diamine fluoride and children

These research articles consist of up-to-date information on silver diamine fluoride. Please read them to gain further knowledge about the treatment.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reference manual for SDF (Issued 2017)

University of California research and protocol for carries arrest using SDF