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Your Child’s First Visit in Wheat Ridge

At Kid Focus Dentistry, we believe that your child’s first visit to our office is the most important one. This visit allows us to get to know your child’s personality and create a positive starting point for future appointments.

“When we examine your child’s mouth, we don’t fix our focus on just looking for cavities. We look at the overall oral environment, which plays a crucial role in the comprehensive health of your child.” – READ MORE

After filling out the health questionnaire, all first visits start out with a tour of our office. This will help your child settle in, preventing fear of the unknown. In most cases, not knowing what to expect is the main reason for your child’s dental fear.


Tour Our Office

Afterward, depending on your child needs’ and age, the appointment will proceed as follows…

Children three years old and older

First, we start by getting X-rays of your child’s teeth. For the initial visit, there will be two types of X-rays:

Interproximal set X-ray

Allows us to see decay that cannot be observed in an oral exam.

Growth and development X-ray

Enables us to see the visible teeth, the incoming teeth, as well as the head and neck structures. This is a very informative X-ray that can provide a lot of prevention and guidance in growth.

Worried about radiation? Have no fear! Even after taking both of these X-rays, the amount of radiation that your child is exposed to is equal to just 30 minutes of being in the Colorado sun.

Cleaning and exam

Next, your child will receive a cleaning (prophy), followed by an exam from the doctor. Every step of the exam will be explained with a “show-and-tell” technique, so your child is informed about each step, easing anxiety.

After the exam, the doctor will sit down with the parents to go over X-rays and any areas of concern that were noticed during the child’s exam.

The doctor and staff monitor your child’s emotional needs throughout every step of the visit. This way, we can customize each treatment your child’s specific needs.

Children under age three, nervous, or special needs kids

For an X-ray to be clear, the patient needs to be completely still. For this reason, a dental visit for children under three or with special needs may go a little differently.

To start, our amazing staff provides helpful and practical information to parents. This includes education on preventing cavities through proper hygiene as well as suggestions for good dietary habits.

Afterward, the doctor exams your child using the “knee to knee” position instead of sitting in a chair. This allows the dentist to fully see into your child’s mouth while they still have the comfort of being with the parent.

The doctor will answer all your questions, go into depth with her findings, and help design a unique plan that can promote oral health, treat cavities, and deal with other issues.

Please check out our Parent Guidelines to understand how you as a parent can help the appointment go as smoothly as possible.

Written By: Dr. Ngo