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Side Effects of Fluoride


Like many other nutrients, there can be adverse side effects if a person takes in too much fluoride.

Fluorosis Is the most well-known side effect of over-ingestion of fluoride. Most cases of fluorosis in the United States are mild, resulting in bright white spots on the tooth enamel.

A severe case of fluorosis may result in pitted, brittle, or malformed enamel. Such a case could develop if a child drinks water with high fluoride concentration. Fluorosis could happen in rural areas with unregulated well-water, such as in the mountains of Colorado.

For fluorosis to occur, the excess fluoride must be ingested before the teeth are formed. For adult front teeth, this means that the exposure time is from birth to 9 months old.

Topical fluorides are relevant to fluorosis only if a child inadvertently swallows large amounts.