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Extractions of teeth:

  • Other than numbness, your child might complain of some dull discomfort.
  • We recommend Motrin to help with the pain. We like Motrin because it has longer pain mitigation properties and less chance for liver/drug interactions in larger doses.
  • Bleeding is normal for extractions, with bigger extraction sites oozing can happen up to 12 hours.
  • Try not to change gauzes too often. We like to preserve the blood clot and if it changes too often this can cause unintentional dislodge of the clot.
  • The same goes for the use of straws and suction motions. Try to abstain from these for 2-3 days unless otherwise advised.

Extractions of loose baby teeth:

  • If a tooth is loose, we often just use oral-gel to numb up the gum area so there should be little to no sensation of numbness.
  • Bleeding should be minimal and will clot very easily.
  • Have your child bite on gauze for 10-15 minutes post-treatment.
  • Minimal pain is expected, but you are welcome to give your child Motrin/Tylenol if they complain of discomfort.

Written By: Dr. Ngo