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Smart choices for healthy mouths

Oral habits

  • Digital sucking or oral habit sucking such as pacifiers will cause a permanent change to the child’s oral bone development.
  • Eating or sucking on acidic food such as citrus will cause the outer layers to weaken and become more prone to wear, and cavities.

In this video, we talk about all the oral habits that your kiddo might have that are detrimental to their growth and development. We go into detail on how to help your child break these habits.

For “PACIFIER/BOTTLE” fast forward to 19sec into the video

“THUMBSUCKING” fast forward to 5:17

“ORAL SENSORY” fast forward to 14:09

“SIPPY CUP” fast forward to 16:14

“DRY LIPS” fast forward to 17:15

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LINK TO THE ORAL SENSORY TOYS WE RECOMMEND: https://kidfocusdentistry.com/oral-sen…

Diet, nutrition, and food choices

  • Healthy snacks and drinks are a major component of maintaining a healthy mouth.
  • It is the frequency of the exposures to unhealthy foods and drinks, not the amount of sugar that affects the susceptibility to cavities.
  • By age one your child should be completely weaned from a bottle\sippy cup and be drinking exclusively from a regular cup.

In this part two of the Infant/ Toddler care series we go into depth on how to overcome the struggles of teething. As well as, provide all the tips you will ever need on how to prevent cavities.

For “TEETHING” just watch from the beginning

CAVITY PREVENTION” fast forward to 2:24

Injury prevention

  • First, it is highly important to use helmets when riding tri\bicycle or when riding in the seat of an adult bike.
  • We highly recommend the use of mouth guards in sports.
  • Caregivers should always keep emergency numbers handy.
  • If injury does occur, visit our trauma section for a detailed explanation on how to respond.


Written By: Dr. Ngo