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Why A Reverse Swallow Is A Problem

A child swallows 2xs per minute. With an incorrect swallow, the facial muscles push against the direction of growth, preventing the face from developing to its full genetic potential. The lips and cheeks greatly affect the positioning of the teeth and jaws, and incorrect control of the lips and cheeks increases over-activity when swallowing.

Please watch this detailed video on the negative effects of reverse swallow.

Effects of a Reverse Swallow

  • Crowded teeth
  • Obstruction of airways due to incorrect placement of the tongue when lying down
  • TMJ Deterioration

Long term effects of TMJ Deterioration

  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Teeth or dental restoration failure
  • Pain or tenderness of the jaw joint
  • “Lock Jaw” or clicking and popping when open
  • Earaches
  • Upper shoulder pain

Myobrace treats reverse swallow by teaching the face muscles to relax. As well as by putting the tongue in the correct spot so it doesn’t thrust against the teeth, which helps you swallow correctly.

Watch this in depth explanation on how to overcome the challenges of  Reverse Swallow. Here you will learn tips and tricks on how your kiddo can implement swallowing correctly into daily life activities, to better help them break the habit.

In the video below we go over all the details you need to know about Reverse/Incorrect swallow. Its not an easy concept to understand or explain so this is a great way to help your partner or anyone interested know about what it is and the effects it has on someones growth and development.