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MYOBRACE FOR KIDS – Straighten Teeth the Natural Way

 MYOBRACE FOR KIDS – Straighten Teeth the Natural Way

Your child’s facial shape, tooth alignment, and overall oral development depends on things like genetics, thumb or pacifier habits, tongue movement, and the way they swallow. Myobrace for kids is an early intervention treatment that guides teeth and jaw growth to healthier, more aligned relationships. We’re proud to offer Myobrace in Wheat Ridge as a way to improve oral development in young children, offsetting the need for complex orthodontic treatment later on. You can get Myobrace for kids from general or pediatric dentists (Wheat Ridge.)

How Does Myobrace for Kids Work?

Myobrace is a type of early intervention appliance that works by using growth modification techniques. As your child’s mouths develops, issues such as crowding and misalignment, as well as the shape of their jaws, can be adjusted through growth modification with the Myobrace appliance. In turn, we can prevent serious problems with the jaw and teeth by encouraging healthier growth patterns. Later on, you can fine-tune your child’s smile with traditional orthodontics, if necessary.

Myobrace can help prevent or correct crooked or misaligned teeth by helping them to align themselves properly as the teeth erupt and the jaw grows wider. What most parents don’t realize is that we can catch problems such as crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth early in your child’s development. This will prevent them from developing more serious orthodontic issues as a teen or adult.

The Myobrace system essentially “trains” your child’s proper growth patterns while their mouths are still developing, before teeth or bone patterns head in the wrong direction.

What Does Myobrace Look Like?

Myobrace does not use traditional braces. Instead, our Wheat Ridge kids dentists will fit your child for a removable, comfortable appliance that promotes healthy oral development. You might almost think of it as a hybrid between a mouthguard and a retainer, as it fits over the teeth but also holds a certain position to reinforce, nudge, or press certain anatomy into the desired position.

Since Myobrace is removable, your child will take it out during meals or whenever they need to brush and floss. Some kids only need to wear Myobrace for a set number of hours a day, unlike more complex orthodontic appliances.

Why Myobrace is Recommended for Young Children

Many orthodontic problems can be avoided with the help of early intervention therapies. Myobrace is a proven system that can prevent serious orthognathic issues that would otherwise require complex appliance therapy or oral surgery. Myobrace can help your child as it adjusts their growth pattern to avoid “messed up” teeth or narrower jaws, even if those issues run in your family.

All orthodontists, dentists, and pediatric dentists recommend that children see a someone for an orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7. This timeframe is a crucial stage in their oral development. At that point, our dentists can get a good understanding of your child’s skeletal growth patterns as well as future bite alignment. If needed, we can help adjust things with Myobrace since they are still developing their teeth.

It’s not just your child’s teeth alignment that are a concern, either. Certain facial profiles, narrow jaws, crooked and crowded teeth can all lead to negative self-image and aesthetic concerns. But these situations can also increase our risk for developing breathing and airway disorders, such as sleep apnea. And sleep apnea ties back to things like ADHD, difficulty concentrating, behavioral issues, and bedwetting. Thankfully, skeletal growth patterns that influence your child’s airway can be adjusted if caught early in a child’s facial and oral development.

Why Does My Child Require Growth Modification?

If your child continues to use a pacifier or training cup or suckers their thumb, it can cause permanent changes in their jaw shape and tooth alignment. Their tongue might not adjust correctly when swallowing, which can lead to a tongue thrust. As your child grows into teenager and adulthood, these external factors can have a permanent impact on their oral and facial growth. Our dentist in Wheat Ridge can help you identify whether or not your child will benefit from a Myobrace appliance.

Myobrace in Wheat Ridge

If you’re looking for a family or pediatric dentist (Wheat Ridge) who offers Myobrace for kids, Kid Focus Dentistry offers the treatment here in our kid-focused general practice. Find out if Myobrace is right for your child by contacting us today!