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When to call the doctor about a mouth injury

You can usually treat most mouth injuries in children at home. But be sure to call the doctor under any of these circumstances: 

  • If there’s heavy bleeding that doesn’t stop after ten minutes of direct pressure — or you were unable to keep direct pressure on your squirmy child and he’s still bleeding profusely.
  • There is a deep or gaping cut, longer than a half inch.
  • You see embedded debris or dirt in the wound.
  • There’s a puncture wound to the roof of the mouth, back of the throat, or tonsils, which can injure deeper tissues in the head or neck.
  • The wound was caused by a dirty or rusty object (especially if you’re unsure whether your child is up-to-date on the tetanus vaccine).
  • The wound was caused by an animal or human bite.
  • You suspect any bone injury (for example, your child is unable to move his jaw or their cheekbone is swollen)
  • Your child’s tooth has been broken or knocked out.
  • You see signs of infection in the first few days after the injury. Redness, increased swelling, pain, or unexplained fever are all indicators.


Written By: Dr. Ngo 

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