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Sports and Dental Safety: Protecting Your Child’s Teeth While Participating in Sports


Sports are a great way for children to stay active and healthy, but they can also pose a risk to their dental health. Dental injuries are common among children who participate in sports, and it’s important for parents and caregivers to take steps to protect their child’s teeth.

As spring and summer sports start to ramp back up, families may find that their child is at a higher risk of a traumatic oral injury. Fortunately, wearing a sports mouthguard can reduce your chances of making any trips to the emergency room or pediatric dentist’s office.

Most Common Sporting Injuries

Some of the most common injuries in children who participate in sports include things like broken or chipped teeth, knocked-out teeth, and injuries to the lips, gums, and jaw. These injuries can be caused by a variety of factors, including contact with other players or equipment, falls, stray balls, and collisions (like an elbow to the mouth.) Concussions are another type of sport-related injury that’s common in children.

Fortunately, sports mouthguards can help prevent—or at least lower the severity of—most of these injuries. Including concussions in children!

Importance of Mouthguards in Sports

Mouthguards are an essential piece of protective gear for children who participate in sports. Some teams may even require that the athletes wear them during games and practice. But even if your child is involved in a solo sport like gymnastics or riding their bike, a mouthguard is a smart investment to have.

These special appliances work by cushioning the teeth and gums and preventing injuries to the mouth as they buffer bumps and hits. By creating a barrier between your child’s lips and teeth, having them wear a mouthguard can reduce things like busted lips, knocked-out teeth, and broken bones.

Where to Find Athletic Mouthguards for Children

It’s important to note that not all mouthguards are created equal and that the American Dental Association recommends the use of custom-fitted mouthguards for the best protection. Generally speaking, athletic mouthguards for children can be found at a variety of retail stores.

But it’s important to note that over-the-counter mouthguards are often ill-fitting and can be uncomfortable for children to wear. This can lead to two common problems. One, the child won’t keep it in their mouth because it’s bulky or loose (or it just falls out when you depend on it,) and two, it doesn’t protect their teeth as well because of the generic fit.

On the other hand, professionally fitted mouthguards are tailored to the child’s specific dental needs and provide the best protection. If they’re hit or fall, the sports appliance stays in place, protecting them from any secondary trauma. Plus, the comfortable fit means they’ll be able to stay hydrated and talk with their teammate without the mouthguard getting in the way.

How Are Custom Sports Mouthguards Made?

For a comfortable, secure, professionally-fitted mouthguard, our dentists will need to take an
impression or scan of your child’s teeth. This will ensure that their appliance is custom-molded
to each tooth for the highest level of protection. Then the mouthguard is made out of a thick
layer of special acrylic, providing both a protective as well as cushioning barrier around their

Kid Focus Dentistry in Wheat Ridge offers custom-fitted mouthguards for children of all ages.
Our team of experienced dentists and technicians will take impressions of your child’s teeth to
create a mouthguard that fits comfortably and provides the best protection. We can even match it
to their school or favorite jersey colors!

Visit Your Family or Pediatric Dentist in Wheat Ridge

It’s important to visit your family or pediatric dentist in Wheat Ridge for regular check-ups,
especially if your child is participating in sports. Our kids dentists can help to identify any
potential dental issues and recommend appropriate treatment, including emergencies associated
with athletic injuries. We can also help to ensure that your child’s mouthguard fits properly and
provide guidance on how to care for it.

If you have a young athlete in the family, give a call today!

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