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Why mouth breathing is a problem for children

Did you know that medical profession now recognizes mouth breathing as abnormal? Mouth breathing in childhood affects the development of the face and mouth. As a result, children who mouth breathe may not develop to their full genetic potential.

At Kid Focus Dentistry, we specialize in diagnosing and correcting mouth breathing in children. Serving children and their families in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and the surrounding communities, we take a “whole child approach” to pediatric oral care. Read on to learn the long-lasting developmental impacts of mouth breathing and how we can help.

This video does a great explanation on the negative effects of mouth breathing versus nasal breathing on the human body. Mouth breathing is caused by incorrect placement of the tongue, and as a result you also get a narrow jaw.

A narrow jaw causes:

  • Crowding within the teeth
  • Longer faces
  • Overbites or underbites.
  • Narrow jaw = narrow airway

A narrow jaw may also result in a deviated septum, snoring, or sleep apnea.

Children with incorrect breathing are likely to show symptoms of:

  • Increased grinding
  • Snoring
  • Bad breath
  • Tiredness
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Poor memory
  • More anxiety
  • Decreased concentration

Which all may be caused by incorrect breathing, and a decreased amount of oxygen to the brain.

Breathing better helps you live better.

Myobrace helps you breathe through your nose by teaching your tongue correct placement and opening up the airways. Next, it also helps your lips rest in a correct closed position.

Who knew that breathing through your nose affects your memory? Listen to this short podcast that explains the scientific research behind how the way you breathe impacts  your brain.

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Dr. Ngo is always kind, professional, and offers great advice. The dental assistants are friendly and fast. 6mo cleanings are fun when done at kid focus
Nicole Foy
Nicole Foy
Me encanta como tratan amos niños
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Guadalupe Gonzalez
We have loved you guys since my son was 1 yr old. He's now 10. Still happy. He had 4 teeth extracted today and everything went swimmingly. Thank you!!
Casey Weiss
Casey Weiss
The staff is all tailored to every child’s needs. I have watched them provide excellent service to not only my 4 children for the last 13 years but any child that is in there. I bring 4 wild children in at the same time everytime and although they are grown to not being running wild anymore, when they were they understood and were respectful. They are a well oiled machine and dr. NGO is amazing. They are gentle and allow the children a safe place to take it all in. This place will not traumatize your children. As we know the dentist isn’t fun. This place is fun. Thank you kids focus. One happy mom
Chelea Dominguez
Chelea Dominguez
All of the staff are wonderful! Super kid-friendly
Kristin Hinkson
Kristin Hinkson
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