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Extrusive Luxation

-Please see a dental provider immediately to treat the injury!

The first few hours a critical, try to gently re position the teeth, then use gauze or a napkin between the teeth and close the mouth. Visit the dentist immediately.

Clinical Findings

  • The tooth appears elongated and is excessively mobile.


  • Reposition the tooth by gently reinserting it into the tooth socket.
  • Stabilize the tooth for 2 weeks using a flexible splint.
  • In mature teeth where pulp necrosis is anticipated or if several signs and symptoms indicate that the pulp of mature or immature teeth became necrotic, root canal treatment is indicated.

Follow Up

  • 2 Weeks
  • 4 Weeks
  • 6-8 Weeks
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • Yearly for 5 years